The Harangod-Mag group of companies commenced its mangalitsa breeding activities in 2003. Mangalitsa, a Hungarian breed of domestic pig qualifies as Hungaricum – national treasure – since 2004. The breeding stock comprises the three most wide-spread varieties, namely the blonde, the red and the swallow-bellied. The purpose of mangalitsa breeding is the purebred preservation and breeding of the different varieties and to produce and process raw materials of special quality and unique taste.

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About mangalitsa

About mangalitsa

Mangalitsa made world famous by the quality of its meat is a pig breed developed in the 19th century in the Carpathian basin.

Owing to the consumption habits – preferring lean pork meat –, this variety has almost completely disappeared in the middle of the past century. The saving of the last 200 animals is thanks to those experts who discovered that the Spanish variety Iberico is almost identical to mangalitsa and its meat represents outstanding value. Its breeding restarted at that time in Hungary.

Its physiological effects being more favourable and its enjoyment value being higher compared to those of the white pig are caused by the slow growing of mangalitsa as a result of which vitamins and minerals have enough time to integrate into the animal tissues.

Mangalitsa meat contains more of the substances essential to the human organism such as unsaturated fats which reduce blood LDL cholesterol and triglyceride level as they do not stuck on the blood vessel wall and empty from the human body without causing harm. Outcomes of scientific research support the positive impacts mangalitsa meat consumption plays in medicine and disease prevention.

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